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Life of Georgia O'Keefe

            Georgia O"Keefe is a famous artist who was born on November 15, 1887. She was born the daughter of two farmers in a little town near Madison Wisconsin called Sun Prairie. Georgia O"Keefe knew that she wanted to be an artist at a young age. "When I was still a little girl, I used to think that since I couldn't do what I wanted to at least I could paint as I wanted to, and say what I wanted to when I painted.".
             Georgia began her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago. Right after she began studying, she hit a roadblock. She became ill with typhoid, so she had to stop her education. Getting through that, led her to the Art Student League in New York where she began studying again in 1907. Nobody knew that she would one day become a famous artist, because it was thought that she would have taught art rather than make it.
             Georgia eventually moved to Virginia with her family where she did teach for a little while, but when 1914 rolled around, a teaching job in Amarillo, Texas opened up for her so she took it. After two years of living in Texas, she decided to go to New York's Columbia Teacher's College and then moved once more to South Carolina where she took a job at Columbia College. .
             One of Georgia's friends, Anita Pollitzer, took some of her works without her permission to show Alfred Steiglitz at the 291 Gallery in New York. He loved Georgia's work and later exhibited them.
             Georgia and Alfred stayed in touch as she moved back to Texas to work at the West Texas Normal College. While she was there, she still continued to paint. But then she was taken over by an illness and was forced to quit her job. So she decided to move back to New York under Alfred's request. Eventually, in 1924, they got married after Alfred divorced his previous wife. At the time of their marriage, Georgia was 23 and Alfred was 54.
             They lived in a New York City hotel; this is where she was able to get many inspirations about her flower paintings.

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