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Domestic Abuse Essay

            Domestic Abuse consists of five major aspects: emotional, verbal, physical, sexual, and child abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse degrading comments and judgments made by the abuser toward the victim to gain emotional control. Physical and sexual abuse is used to gain absolute dominance over the submissive partner. Physical abuse refers to any strike or hit whether it be with an object or body part. Sexual abuse is when the abuser has forcible sexual interaction with the submissive partner. Lastly, child abuse is when the abuser is harming a child mentally, physically or sexually (DVRT). Domestic abuse is a personal experience of mine and wanted to research further on why a victim is susceptible to a submissive partnership and why an abuser is most likely to become a dominant person. Substance abuse, challenging history, and abusive childhood can cause a person to become an abusive partner who demonstrates dominance through violence. A broken family, lack of parental guidance, and abuse in the home as a child can lead to a person becoming susceptible to a submissive relationship. .
             What's Love Got to do with it, a film starring Angela Bassett as Tina Turner and Laurence Fishbourne as Ike Turner, displays how a woman can become a submissive partner to a powerful and charming man, but also shows how a man can take advantage of a young woman who is new to the city life and musical world. The film is based on the life of Tina Turner and her real life experiences with her ex-husband brutally beating and controlling her life. He charms her with money, music talent, and elegance then gains complete control over her life leading to her hitting rock bottom. After, she is able to reestablish herself and become one of the most famous artist of all time. .
             Tina Turner was born Anne Mae Bullock. Initially, her parents were together and had an older sister Alline. When Anne Mae was about seven, her mother and sister left her behind to live with her father and grandmother.

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