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Learning Guitar - One String at a Time

            Over the course of several hours during a weekend, with many high's and low's in between, I learned the basics of playing the guitar. Since I can remember, I've always wanted to learn how to play the Guitar, and when I realized I had the opportunity to teach myself, I couldn't resist. The sound of the Guitar in an epic Guitar solo leaves me feeling mesmerized, so I thought to myself what's better than feeling mesmerized is by mesmerizing others. I've seen and heard many of my friend's play, which only led me to want to learn to play more. Lots of my favorite bands have well known guitarists such as: Jon Bon Jovi who is the lead guitarist of Bon Jovi, Dan Reynolds and Andrew Beck from Imagine Dragons. These three Guitarists only fed my hunger to learn to play. My parents were both really supportive of the choice I made as well to learn, so the only thing left for me to do was to get a guitar and begin learning!.
             I started off by purchasing an electric guitar and an amplifier. I really like how electric guitars sound, so I decided to buy one instead of an acoustic version. My mom and I went to three different music stores and talked to some experts, weighing our options and recommendations. We also went online and read some reviews on the guitars I liked. I finally came to the conclusion to buy a Fender Telecaster. I also acquired a guitar book from one of my friends so I would be able to teach myself.
             Once I got all of my materials it was time for me to begin. The first thing I taught myself was how to hold it properly. Once I got that down to a science I began learning the strings and their notes. After I memorizing the first three strings, I started to learn the songs "Ode to Joy" and "Happy Birthday". Those two songs took around two hours to learn as they were harder than expected. I would commonly misplace my fingers on the wrong strings or be off tune. .
             On the second day I reviewed what I did on the first day and continued onto the last three strings.

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