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Argentine Tango

             Tango, an explicit dance that started off in Buenos Aires in the late 1800's has gone through many changes to become one of the most popular style of music and dance in the world today. From a grimy beginning to a prestigious end the Tango has survived the test of time and has become a genre that captivates people even today.
             History and Importance.
             In the 1800's dances such as the Contradanza and Minue were very popular social dances performed mainly by people of the middle and high classes. These socially accepted dances were performed standing opposite each other with minimal or no physical contact. The most was the holding of hands at certain points. It was the Viennese Waltz and the Quadrille that first became the popular dances incorporating the intimate touching and close holding of the other dance member. The Polka was the second popular dance which originated in Europe that used the same dancing style as the Viennese Waltz with intimate touching and holding. In today's time it is common for a couple to dance in close proximity and hold each other tightly. It must be understood that in the second half of the 19th century, this dancing style was considered outrageous and shameful. It was this Polka dancing style that was later taken to Argentina where it was to reach new heights.
             Around the 1880's in bars, gambling houses and brothels along Rio de la Plata in Buenos Aires is where the Tango originated. It was the poor local residents of Buenos Aires which included many immigrants from Europe who begun this world-wide phenomenon called the Tango. The poor, drunk, lonely men of Buenos Aires were the first ones that experimented with this new dance from abroad with ill reputed women such as prostitutes. It can be easily argued that in such circumstances any experimentation in terms of the dance steps was very possible and was performed. Perhaps this is why the original lyrics of tango songs included references to sex and coarse language.

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