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Argentine Culture

            The Argentine culture is not a culture only based on the region, it is a mix of cultures especially, because of the constant immigration of the Eastern people in the past.
             The Argentine culture is very special in the way they relate with people. One problem of the Argentineans is that in many occasions they don't have the feeling of collectivism and seem to be more individualist. In one hand this is negative because we can think or care only about us and we don't care if people are affected because of an individualist opinion. But on the other hand this can be positive because you have to think on your own. In many occasions this is the problem of Argentinean politicians they think on their own benefit and not on the benefit of all the society .
             Argentineans seem to be an emotional society because in times that maybe the country is not progressing and many people need help solidarity increases, this shows that Argentineans have feelings and their emotions is very important in the decisions people make.
             Another characteristic of their ways of relationship is that in many occasions Argentineans seem to be more diffuse they need to know well a person to relate to them but in the case of a business, in these times, an Argentine may prefer to be more specific because of personal interest a person can have.
             In the relation of people that are very close Argentine society may value the person for what they did and not for who they are. Achievement is much more important than ascription except in some explicit occasions, for example, in the case of Diego Maradona he did great things and very bad things but people want Diego only because of who he is. Achievement is very important especially when Argentineans relate with their friends they consider them because of what they did for the creation of that relation and not for the name a person can have.

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