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argentinean culture

             Although Argentina may be in an economic slum as we speak, their culture is much like that of Americans. If we compare and contrast the two cultures, we gain a better understanding of the two societies. The mountainous region of Mendoza, Argentina, a providence of Argentina, gives the people a distinct way of acting and living. Like most cultures, all have their own way of speaking, acting in a family or the community, their education, and their celebrations held every year.
             Education in Argentina is not all that different from the way we go to school here in the United States. All through the first years of a boy's life, he goes to school very familiar way that students in America do. The only difference is that the middle school is one year longer lasting until ninth grade. There are schools in Mendoza that are private and that teach about the bible plus the basics taught in public schools. The schools there are very patriotic because of the way that the students salute and sing the country's national anthem every morning. It is required to sing and learn the anthem in the schools. Through those first eleven years, adolescents learn the basic language, Castellan, which was adopted from the Spanish. After middle school, students enter high school, which can be compared like a college from the United States. The students are required to begin some form study or "major". They leave high school with a diploma and a degree in their specific area of study. This way the students are able to look for jobs at an early age. The classes during high school are chosen by the student. Some may go at night, during the day, or in the morning. After high school, not many people continue their studies at a higher level. Colleges are expensive and no financial help or government support is available. Education is very important to the kids from Mendoza because as they go through life, that is all that they have to prove for themselves.

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