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The Beautiful Country of Argentina

            Argentina is a great country to visit. It's a beautiful country with a lot of interesting things to learn. Argentina is a very large country, it is the eighth largest country in the world and it is the second largest country in South America. .
             Argentina gained its independence from Spain on July 9th 1816. The people celebrate with parades and the schools are closed but they do not celebrate independence in the same way as Americans. There are no fireworks or cookouts.
             Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and has many cultural traditions to offer. Buenos Aires has been described as the "Paris " of Latin America! The main language of Argentina is Spanish and the religion practiced most is Catholic. There are many reasons as to why someone would want to visit Argentina but the following are reasons that should be considered.
             Buenos Aires has an interesting geography. Even though it is in South America, It gets pretty cold in Argentina, our winter is their summer. The area is split into five major regions. First are the Plains or the Pampas. The Pampas is dry and dessert like and is the home of the major population of Brazil. The main culture figure Gaucho which means South American cowboy also stays in the Pampas. The Patagonia is a coastline of beaches and lakes. The beaches of Patagonia are not good for swimming but offers great nature watching like watching the penguins. Buenos Aires has beaches for bathing and the main beach city of Argentina is Mar de Plata. The Gran Chace is rich and fertile forest land and the Mesopotamia has many rivers and is home to Iguazu waterfalls. The Iguazu waterfalls are seven waterfalls that come together as one. The final area is the Cuyo which is a barren area with low population.
             Argentina is known for its Tango music and the very popular Tango dance. The tango is a very expressive dance and it is popular around the world. If sports are more exciting than dancing, Argentina has many sports but the most popular one is soccer or futbol.

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