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The Concept of Jesus

            Messiah, Son of God, the Anointed One, King of the Jews, our savior- those are just a few of the many attributes of Jesus that the Church declare in their praises and associate with his name. Though for those who don't attend Church or have any religious background, who is Jesus? Is Jesus in our lives? Is Jesus the Lord? A psychopath who empathized with sinners around the world? Or just someone we see on paintings at church? .
             For me, my view on Jesus is not just one short answer, but rather like a timeline, as my view on Jesus now is an accumulation of all the studies and experiences I've previously had. I had a very nice and fulfilling childhood. I was loved and cared for those around me. For the most of it, it was a perfect life, and I seemed to have an answer for everything. I was always comfortable sharing with my fellow students about my thoughts and never felt like an outcast or misfit kid. That was until I started learning about religion, specifically the Bible. When we started studying about Jesus, my classmates seemed to already know about Him. I on the other hand, was confused. Who was this guy Jesus? I learned that Jesus was a man born in Bethlehem. His mother, Mary, was a virgin who was betrothed to Joseph, a carpenter. He was born during the reign of King Herod, who upon hearing of his birth felt threatened and tried to kill Jesus by ordering all of Bethlehem's male children under the age of two to be killed. But Joseph was warned by an angel and took Mary and the baby to Egypt until Herod's death. His family settled in the town of Nazareth, in Galilee. I didn't really learn about Jesus's early life, but later I put together that it was probably because there was nothing special, or made him stand out from the others for people to want to follow/write about him. That's also why the gospels mainly pick his life back up at his baptism, where he was declared to be the Son of God.

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