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Mandatory Drug Screening

            Should drug testing be mandatory to gain employment? Many people would argue that it should not be done, possibly just as many people would argue that it should be. The reasons for a company to require drug screening are surely different from the reason the government would require for legal matters. Whatever the differences are isn't what matters, what matters is the importance that a company has placed on the screening results. There are many arguments as to why drug screening should not be mandatory, one of those arguments is that a person's privacy is being violated. Each company, however, should have the right to screen for drugs to ensure the safety of their company, the safety other employees, and keep workplace injuries at a minimum.
             When people say they feel that being subjected to mandatory drug screening is a violation of their privacy they fail to think of the privacy of the company. In most cases, it may be safe to assume that most employees would not breach the confidentiality of their employer of the consumers that the company serves. The best preventative defense a company has to ensure their employees wouldn't compromise the confidential record is to employ trustworthy people. In an effort to filter through the possible candidates for a position, a company goes through an extensive interviewing process in which they sometimes require drug screenings to weed out the possibly untrustworthy candidates. .
             If an employer hires individuals who abuse drugs they may be at risk of endangering the safety of other employees. Although it isn't always likely that a person who uses drugs will cause harm to others there is the risk of having unfavorable behavior that could turn out badly. To keep that sort of thing from happening the company needs to be able to sort through applicants who could bring dangerous and potentially harmful situations from occurring on their premises. If you hire drug users onto your workforce you may also be inviting drug activity to your place of work.

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