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Over And Out

            Muscles, axes, water and CPR; all these will be needed to survive a fire, treat injuries or other vital functions. Firefighting is a job that protects the public by rapidly responding to a variety of emergencies in hazardous conditions at irregular hours. Because of the dangerous encounters, it requires organization, and precise teamwork. My interest in this profession is the nature of the work, benefits, and a typical day as a hero. .
             Firefighters are usually the first assistance to an accident, a house fire or simply a 911 call. They are the total package, all services in one emergency unit. Most calls responded to by the fire crew involve some type of medical assistance. All firefighters must be certified as emergency medical technicians. This knowledge comes in handy while busting threw smoked filled buildings or scrambling threw wreckage at an accident. At the scene of a crisis each fighter has a duty assigned to them by a superior officer, whether it would be to position the ladder, connect the hose or to enter the site on foot. All these duties must be done to have success as a team.
             Firefighters spend most of there time at the fire station performing mandatory labor on equipment or brushing up on their skills. Crews also conduct practice drills, fire inspections, and participating in physical fitness activities. Hours for a firefighter are not like a regular job. Most crews work 50 hours a week, working 24 hours then having 48 hours off. .
             Qualifications to become a firefighter include: written test, test of strength and physical stamina, coordination and agility; and a medical examination that includes drug screening. Applicants can be accepted at the age 18 with a high school education. Workers will then train for several weeks; if successful you will then be assigned to a fire station and start a period of probation. Soon after becoming a firefighter you may obtain higher positions such as an Engineer or a fire captain working your way up to the Fire chief which receives a minimum annual salary of $74,000 thousand.

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