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Imperial Presidents

            Many presidents live behind the shadow of one before them. Living by the thought of since one president did something while they were in office AND succeeded, then they were doing something right and try to repeat that same idea in order for the same successful outcome. But sometimes that idea can fail miserably and can be shameful to the president's title while in office. The people look to the president for guidance and direction. We're taught to trust in the president, but what if he has a different agenda that we don't know about? From Washington being one of the best presidents to Richard Nixon abusing of his power by wiretapping, we take a look into the background of each presidents' presidency, and discover what the motives were behind each decision that was made; whether they were good or bad, or successful or ended up in a loss. .
             The consequence of Roosevelt's "arrogation of power" (pg. 97) in the executive via executive activism was a major factor of what Arthur Schlesinger Jr. described as the imperial presidency. A concept that began with Franklin D. Roosevelt and accumulated with the very short term of John F. Kennedy. With just a couple of decades between the two presidents, the executive branch seized increasing power "at the expense" of the other two branches of government. Franklin D Roosevelt willingly and repeatedly violated the sanctity of the checks and balances system with exemption from punishment simply because of his popularity. In his thirteen years in office, Franklin D Roosevelt, transformed, if not revolutionized, the executive branch; in its growth in power, and created what William E. Leuchtenburg called "the first modern presidency." (pg. 97) Franklin D. Roosevelt expanded and proclaimed presidential power; as well as enlarged executive authority that was established by earlier presidents in office before him. .

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