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FDR: A President To Remember

             Out of a Great War, into a Great Depression, and onto a great recovery. Our country was at its worst times then ever. What measures were needed to bring our nation back to economic success that was it was burgeoning into? In the book "The FDR Years" by William E. Leuchtenburg, Roosevelt as portrayed as a man of great inspiration and ambition, but his social dreams that helped the mental state of the nation didn't bring that much success to reformation programs. Was FDR a good president, or did a coming war, or both save him? FDR views and beliefs reflected his time spent as a president. Without the presidency of FDR, the country would have never been able to reach its turning point to make it what it is today. The issues of the Depression were dealt with a change in attitude, an overhaul in the economy, the New Deal, WWII, and a combination of good and bad ideas.
             When Franklin Roosevelt became President of the United States in 1933, the nation was in the depths of the worst depression it had ever experienced. President Roosevelt, a very energetic and enthusiastic person, inspired the people with his own confidence and faith in the future. "Again and again, observers resorted to the imaginary of darkness and light to characterize the transformation from the Stygian gloom of Hoover's final winter to the bright springtime of the First Hundred Days."-(Leuchtenburg 6). He gathered a group of people sharing his views to help him, and provided food, clothing, and shelter for millions of unemployed and poverty-stricken Americans. This was part of what he called the New Deal, of which his three objectives were relief, recovery, and reform for American citizens. In another attempt at recovery, Congress attempted to revive the nation's agriculture and industry and place the economy on a solid foundation. They printed extra money to loan to industries that quickly paid it back. .
             What programs were created to help the nation for the beginning of recovery? By 1933 nearly 14 million Americans were jobless.

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