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The McDonaldization Effect

             To be successive necessarily any company, being operated in the post-industrial society, has to introduce common and simplified cultural forms that would improve communication with consumers. Hence, this period is characterized by the access of a large number of people to the consumption of goods and services. There McDonaldization was born. McDonald's has set the standard of consumer's ethics and culture, and has also exported it to other parts of the world. It is expressed in a fast and quality service, respect for customers and national characteristics of each country, in providing products of constant and consistent quality, and so on. .
             Thanks to McDonald's universal standards its occurrence on the markets around the world helped shaping the phenomenon of global cities. Other network companies that provide various services picked up the predictability, which McDonald's originally spread. This predictability is a guarantee that one being anywhere will always receive almost identical in content and quality goods and services. Now, people's desire to travel, to move or work in a country where these familiar network companies are is increasing as they are confident that they can adapt to a foreign environment.
             Many people do not mind the concept of McDonaldization. However, the first impression of people who hear about it, as a rule, is false, as this concept does not mean the same company, but the whole world of its own - a network of shops, restaurants, fast food, various carbonated beverages such as Coca-Cola, large corporations, for example, Apple, Nike and others. McDonaldization is the process by which the principles of the fast food restaurant are becoming more dominant sectors of American society and the rest of the world. Its distinctive features are the efficiency, predictability, calculability and growing control over the people by means of non-human technology (Ritzer, 2014).

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