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Growing Up in a Single Family

            There are many types of families in the world such as rich families, middle-class families, and joint families. However, there is one type called single families. Single families are when there is only one parent raising a child or children because of the fact that their spouse has passed away, or because they have chosen to divorce their significant other. Single families do not always have the happiest lives, but with effort, they can be happy as other families.
             Kids in single families do not have two people in their life to call parents, only one person. Some kids are perfectly fine with that because of certain circumstances in their life. However, some kids feel bad that their parents do not have anyone they can love as a significant other, and that they feel like they are all their parent has got, similar to the short story, The Crystal Stars Have Just Begun to Shine, The main character, Deirdre feels that her dad doesn't have anybody but her and he even mentions in the story to her, "You're all I got." Deirdre feels insecure and scared when her dad says that and therefore, she attempts to set her dad up with someone. Some kids in single families feel a bit awkward or even sad that they do not have two parents and wish that they did.
             Kids in single families view their life and the world from a more realistic perspective. Kids that are not in single families think of marriage as a fairy tale and that marriage will just happen and last with ease. However, kids in single families know that marriage takes work and isn't just a fairy tale due to the fact that their parent's marriage failed and that they have to choose their future significant other carefully and put a lot of thought into it as well. The same way Deirdre's dad tried to choose his next life partner carefully, while taking his daughter into consideration. That is also the reason why he stopped seeing a woman that he dated after Deirdre found out about her, even though she had no problem with it and was happy for her father.

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