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Tragic Heroes in Literature

             Flaws Are Inevitable .
             A hero is held to high standards and is typically a man who is admired or idealized for courage but, a good hero must also have a personal impediment , a few overarching mistakes that humanizes and develops compassion for the character inside the audience. However, these shortcomings or flaws make others perceive him as a tragic hero. A good hero becomes a tragic hero when he lets these flaws push him to make a mistake .So a tragic hero is a character looked up to by his or her audience, but eventually commits an action or makes a mistake that eventually leads to his or her defeat. All humans have struggles. Every person's strongest assets are also their greatest liabilities. Lex Salisbury, the CEO of Lowry Park from the book Zoo Story: life in the garden of the captives by Thomas French, has good intentions for the zoo but his lack of compassion on his co-workers and, also not slowing down with his visions becomes his downfall. Similar to the case of Faustus, a great scientist from the book Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe his lack of contempt with his knowledge becomes his downfall. Both of these characters have strong desires to do great things but, along the way, they get blinded by these desires because of excess pride, ego and, intellectual curiosity, ultimately leading to their downfalls.
             Both characters have the strong desires to do the right thing, but hamartia hinders them. One of which is excessive pride and ego. Lex is the CEO of Lowry Park Zoo and has worked there since its distasteful stage, but he works hard to build the zoo to the point that the media always talk about the zoo, and even people waited long lines to get in.His has strong desire to save animals, like the manatees, "manatees in the oceanssometimes they were on the edge of death, Lowry Park would slowly nurse them back to life.

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