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Anne Carson and Paulo Freire

            After reading "Short Talks" by Anne Carson and reading "The Banking Concept" by Paulo Freire it became evident that there was a lack of similarity in content and each style of writing. When reading "Short Talks" you immediately notice that Anne Carson has broken her work into short thoughts that are difficult to understand. After clearing your mind and rereading what she has written you will be able to understand most of her thoughts. Paulo Freire has written "The Banking Concept" in a much easier to read paragraph form. .
             In reading "Short Talks" by Anne Carson, I found it very challenging to interpret what the author was trying to say. In "On Sunday Dinner with Father" Carson gives us insight on the rude remarks her father would make to her during a typical Sunday dinner. Carson quoted her father saying, "Are you going to put that chair back where it belongs or just leave it there looking like a uterus" (Carson 142). I couldn't imagine having a parent relate an inanimate object such as a chair to a sexual reproduction organ. I do not see the relation between the two objects, other than she concluded the passage with other inappropriate statements. Comparing this to my childhood, it makes me realize that I was fortunate not to have parents who talked to me this way. Fortunately for me my parents were patient and willing to teach me, most of the time. The high emotion can be sensed throughout the text; this seems to be Carson's point by letting us into her thoughts.
             When reading "The Banking Concept" Freire uses strong emotion throughout the text, however we are not forced to interpret his thoughts. Freire is different in that he lies out and explains all of his reasoning behind why the education system is failing for youth and adults alike. "The teacher talks about reality as if it were motionless, static, compartmentalized, and predictable.

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