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Essay on Paulo

            Education is the dominant theme of Paulo Freire's essay "The Banking Concept of Education." Two years ago I was enrolled in a class which can be used as the perfect example of Paulo Freire's ideas from "The Banking Concept of Eduacation." The class was split into two parts, four hours of mondane lecture and three hours of practical lab. Professor Diggs, a very intelligent however very boring instructor,ran both sections of the class. The lecture took place in the new, omnious lecture hall in the biology building. Due to the class's size, the lack of role call, and Professor Digg's monotone lectures i barely ever made it to class. The lab on the other hand was very interesting. It was located on the top floor of the same building but, in the middle so there were no windows. This was of course planned because the lab temperature was supoosed to be higher than normal room temperature. There was a constant stale smell of mold and other cultivated microorganisms. As if the heat and smell weren't unsettling enough, there was the constant noise pollution of humming incubators, buzzing centrifuges, and the clatter of glass equipment being sterilized. Despite the rather uncomfortable setting, I prefered the learning enviroment of the lab over the lecture. This class relates directly to Freire's ideas for two reasons. The lecture exemplifies freire's banking concept, while the lab shows how Freire's solution to the banking concept maybe correct.

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