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Thinking the right way

             Throughout our society there are constant representations of the way we should live our lives. Various ideas and philosophies emerge and are used to determine which way is the "proper" way. In reality, there is no right way, and no wrong way, but there is always a preferred way, which is then demonstrated by the author. Using diverse ideology, John Berger and Paulo Freire explain why we live the way we do. Underlying all of their ideas exist their formulated opinions. Through various methods their ideas are portrayed. Not only is it interesting how they think, but also it opened up new ideas and ways for me to think. .
             Freire proves his examples through education. As you read the essay by Freire, you become more and more aware of the amount of political aspects in something that seems so simple. At the most basic level, education is a system that relies on and give and take method. Without one party, there is no point to the other party. Freire uses this idea to say that a student with no teacher will learn nothing, and a teacher with no class will have no one to teach, resulting in no job. It is at this basic level where I first realized that there is a deeper meaning. Being independent seems simple, however Freire is saying that as a society, we are dependent. No matter how independent we want to be, it can only be to a certain point. Further, Freire states that in a banking style of teaching everyone has a role to play. The teacher teaches, and the student learns. They are there only because the other is as well. At no point does he say that this system is perfect, but there are ideas involved that seem foolproof. If a student attends class, and brings the attitude that the only reason he or she is there is to take in the knowledge that the teacher brings then they are fulfilling their role as a "student" in a banking environment. The opinions in life and in school are what is important to Paulo.

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