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Life Writing Theory and Practice

            On 12th Baisakh 2072, my cell phone rang at 8 pm. "Madhav, we have planned to be gathered at this night at the field of Tribhuvan University; you should come at Naya Bazzar, we are waiting you here", Kaji was speaking. All the people of Kathmandu valley had become so frightened and they were out of control due to the disastrous earthquake. Many of them had lost their family members, relatives, nearest and dearest on the hand and on the other hand they had lost their homes and rented rooms too. Luckily, all my family members, friends, relatives, nearest and dearests one were safe and nothing had happened to my friends' family too. There was not safe to live inside the home because the houses were cracked and we were facing terrible aftershocks too. I was also staying out of home in an open space with my home mates, planning to have drinks to avoid the tremor of earthquake from our psychology. Again Mailo called me, "Oh Kaka, do fast come." I was not willing to go in the field of T.U. because I had already managed a plan to have party with my home-mates but regular phone call of my colleague made me force to go there so I took excused with my home-mates and moved there.
             Most of the friends of my college were there gathering together. Their faces seemed pale and unhappy. In order to be safe sitting in an open space and to have drinks to forget the psychological pain caused by tremor, they had managed the gathering. When I got them at Naya Bazar, they all clapped their hands and became happy. Really all people of quaked-land especially people of Kathmandu were feeling as getting new life; my friends also clapped their hands for my new life. After sharing the pitiful feelings of trembling of earth we moved to open space of our university college; managing all the needs for wine party.
             A surprising thing to me was some friends who had claimed that they never drink alcohol had decided to drink from that day.

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