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Gaining Independence in America

            Between the years 1607 and 1766 the colonies were governed by British law, to the colonist there were many flaws in the rule but one which could not be overlooked would be the absence of "unalienable rights". The colonists grew tired of their lack of power towards their own governance, and in 1775 they began their fight towards independence, in an event we now refer to as the American Revolution. When the path grew clearer that independence would be a definite in the near future the colonists were left with one issue, a new form a government. The period between 1775 and 1791 became a period of trial and error towards the new government, which would on the way alter the attitudes of many Americans. After gaining their independence, the colonists will work towards their unity, improvement, and in the end happiness. .
             The first stepping stone towards their new government became the Articles of Confederation. The problem with these new set of laws was that the alliance was too loose. There was no unity between the colonies unless there was a need for defense. (Doc. D) The constitution itself was too shaky it only had one branch of government and was set to protect the commonwealth of the colonies, which was not easy with the rule of two thirds majority and only one vote per state. At this point unity was nowhere to be found, each state wielded its own power and created its own bill of rights. Unity was not present until the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, starting with New York each state gave away its land to sell off for the debt of the American Revolution. Although a very big stepping stone towards our current government it was clear that the Article of Confederation would not be sufficient enough to unify the thirteen states.
             For numerous years the people of the states lived unhappily with the constitution set upon them but they knew it was in urgent need of improvement. (Doc.

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