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Dysfunctional Communications

            What comes up to your mind when you hear the word Love? Well you must think about happiness, about those butterflies in the stomach when you see the person you like. But when you hear Love, do you ever think about when problems start to occur? As most of us know Love is not all happiness and butterflies, kisses and a happily ever after; it's much ore that that. And what better example than the book with the title What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver that introduces in his stories Love in many different ways and forms. Carver includes the impermanence of love and the inadequacy of verbal communication between couples. He remarks in his stories how love can be demonstrated which is reflected in his characters that share through out the stories. He highlights something in common in each of these stories, that is the inconstancy of love. He also focuses on the lack of communication that as a consequence starts to bring problems. Although Carver has a unique way to describe the plots it enhances the reader to keep reading. This book will help you view and understand love in the literary overview of love. Carver's unique way of writing enhances the reader to keep reading. A common theme Carver's stories had were dysfunctional communication leads into violence of relationships that destroys their love. .
             The first story I have chosen was "Popular Mechanics" in which I will be focusing on the character and the language. It starts with a woman is screaming at it seems to be her significant other. As she continues to yell the male character with profanity language he ignores her and he keeps on packing his cloths simulating he is leaving her." I'm glad you're leaving! I'm glad you're leaving! She said. Do you hear? (123)". He doesn't pay attention to her so she screams at him saying son of a bitch to see if he pays attention to her. Further on she mentions how she's glad he is leaving, but why would she want him to leave if they have a baby together? When these dysfunctional communication start to occur what people want to do as an individual is try to catch the other persons' attention anyway.

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