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Network Security Measures and Recommendations

             It is vital for any credit processing company to employ and invest in the most up to date security measures in order to tame cyber crimes. This will go along way in reducing lawsuits from banks, which may incur losses resulting from fraud and identity theft. After a thorough analysis of the company installed systems, the security measures put in place, the nature of the tasks handled and the general security of everything, I was able to deduce the loopholes and come up with the most appropriate findings and recommendation this report hopes to address and apply the most suitable mechanisms solutions that will be addressed.
             2. Overview of Network Fundamentals, Security Threats and Issues.
             Before we discuss the recommendations and suggestions, the platform that underlies the computer networking fundamentals must be well understood to facilitate a glimpse on the suggestions I have to offer and why they are suitable to that particular type of situation.First, we need to understand how network protocols work. The network protocol defines the way devices attached to a network, communicate with each other and the conventions attached to it. A network protocol therefore encompasses the rules and instructions governing the way in which data is sent from one device to another on a network;how it is packaged, encrypted, encoded and decoded by these devices. Since the advent of the internet, there are numerous network protocols in the market each designed to solve specific issues network related issues.The internet protocol (IP) being the most important, as it has facilitated communication over the internet, has other sets of related network features below and above designed to provide additional or basic capability features. Higher level protocols interact with IP to provide additional features that are necessary for communication with web browsers while the lower level protocols interact with the IP to facilitate the computer interaction with hardware and network adapters.

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