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Life, Liberty and American Property Taxes

            We are all familiar with the classic American dream. Graduating college, and landing that dream job. Followed by the purchase of a home, where a family can be started. Having good friends and family to barbecue with in the backyard, on a nice sunny day. It feels good in life to start off right paying the house and property off before retirement comes, knowing the next generation will have a home and property, to plant the next set of roots. Sounds easy to achieve right? Now let's throw a little bit of life into the mix. After years of working hard, paying bills, raising kids, and volunteering at local charities, an injury occurs, and working is no longer a factor. Not to worry, the house is paid off and an early retirement, and social security disability are enough to get by on. After some time, unexpected life events happen, and the already premature retirement fund is dissolved. On an extremely tight budget there is no room to pay the land tax on the property that has already been paid in full. Now the home and land that was worked so hard for is seized by the state, and auctioned off for the price of the tax owed. Thus stealing the dream that was worked so hard for! .
             The home and or the acreage worked so tirelessly for over the years, thought to be the owned by the owner in all actuality isn't. Surprisingly the owner in fact is a lessor. The actual owner is the Government. Along comes a life of paying property taxes. Fail to pay them, and lose everything you worked hard for. Your idea of the, "American Dream" will end up being a nightmare! Owe the Government, and face the nightmare of having everything taken out of all your bank accounts and imprisonment! Who bestows such powerful rights upon them? What happened to, " For The People And By The People?" Why is part of the dream to own, actually in all reality to lease? .
             How is it that Americans are not allowed to own land? If you own something it is yours.

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