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Hate Crimes

             Hate is the most powerful emotion mankind posses. Hate can change a friend to foe, extreme hate may even lead to the beating, torture, or death of another human. Hate crimes have also evolved over the years, from Hitler’s persecution of the Jews to today’s targeting of “different” people. We call this a hate crime “or any of various crimes (as assault or defacement of property) when motivated by hostility to the victim as a member of a group (as one based on color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation).
             Adolf Hitler undoubtedly committed the most ruthless hate crimes in his attempt to eradicate the Jews during the early to mid 1900’s. During a rally of nazi supporters Hitler stated, that his first and foremost task would be the annihilation of the Jews. Through his brutal use of labor camps, ghettos, and death camps, Hitler attempted to systematically eliminate entire races, religions, and any other person who was imperfect in his eyes. During the Jews imprisonment they were subjected to some of the most gruesome torture, experiments, and eventually deaths. One example of horrific experiments was the removal of limbs after the subject was placed in a tub of near boiling water, which was used to soften the tissue and reduce pain so anastisia was not needed. On V-E day in 1945 the official surrender of Nazi Germany had been signed. Only after .
             the surrender, were the horrifying acts committed by the Nazis realized. Some where around 6 million men, women, and children died in the hands of the Nazi's due to their racial profile, sexual preferences, and mental state. .
             Hate crimes have changed over the years from extremely rare acts of mass murder such as Hitler committed to more frequent single individuals. Numerous cases have been reported in the past years of individuals hate crimes, as were the Jews annihilation was not fully realized until years passed and the war was finally over.

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