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Criminal Justice in Germany

            Diverse systems of politics, and forms of criminal justice can be found spread throughout the entire world. Moreover what becomes even more significant is the ideals that each of these systems provides to the world community. With different developments of law enforcement related to each individual country's individual development throughout history, new innovative strategies in regards to law enforcement constantly arise. In particular, I will be focusing on the country of Germany in this paper. As such, I will be providing a brief historical background of the nation, as well as its government, criminal justice system, and its current role in the world today.
             Germany is located bordering the North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea with Denmark situated at its most northern border. To its west it finds its border with France and to the East its border with Poland. Moreover Germany can trace its origins very far back into ancient times during the decline of the Roman Empire. The first documented reference to Germany was written around 100 AD, by Roman scholars when they referenced the northern territory east of Gaul, as Germania. However Germany was not truly Germany until its unification under Otto Von Bismarck during the 1870s. Previously the country had been a land speckled by individual kingdoms amongst 17 territories. Out of this came the first German empire, or, the first Reich, with a reigning king known as Kaiser Wilhelm I, and his powerful military chancellor Otto Von Bismarck. Most notably, the first trace of an impressive modern system of justice can be found in this period, with the development of German civil code or otherwise known as B├╝rgerliches Gesetzbuch. However, after the death of Wilhelm I, Wilhelm II reigned until Germanys defeat in World War I. The second Reich, known as the Weimer Republic was a contemporary political power that was installed in 1918 and found itself under much stress during post war Germany's poverty stricken state.

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