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Gun Control

             You're sleeping in your bed late one night, when you hear breaking glass and the footsteps of an intruder in your home. You, fearing for the safety of your family, AND your possessions, not knowing what their intentions are, can do a few things, depending on how prepared you were for the situation. Most people think Gun control saves lives, and you may believe this as well, but will gun control save the lives of your loved ones at risk in a situation like this one? Will fiddling with trigger locks and safes in the dark of night to obtain your firearm (If you own one) save your loved ones should the intruder have the intensions of harming members of your household? If your weapon is in the middle of a five day waiting period, does that help you right now? You can bet the invader is armed, because criminals don't obey the law, and no matter how many arms control laws are passed, criminals will still obtain firearms. Your government telling you that you cant own a gun, is only putting YOU and your family at risk, not protecting you. How willing are you to put your life in the hands of the local police and sheriff? .
             When you tell me that gun control saves lives, the truth is, gun control costs lives, as evidenced by cities which enforce near total bans on firearms ownership. That's because criminals don't obey gun control or any other kind of laws, as I stated This means that citizens who do are effectively rendered defenseless. So if your not totally against guns, maybe your thinking, Wouldn't we all be safer if there were fewer guns? The Department of Justice data show those areas of the country where firearms are more readily available have a lower violent crime rate than areas of minimal firearm ownership. The University of Chicago, Professors John Lott and David Mustard examined the correlation between guns and crime in over 3,000 U.S. counties from 1977 to 1992 in their 1996 study, "Crime, Deterrence and Right-to-Carry Concealed Handguns.

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