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Short Story - If I Could Save Her

             I am just recently turned 16 with my twin, Heidi. That day was the start of something extremely horrible. I never thought I would ever hate turning 16, but that was the day Heidi and I were cursed. We ended up haunted. We became pawns in a sick twisted game. I feel that you and the world should know. My name is Amara, and this is my story.
             October 25, 2011.
             Happy birthday to me I thought. Plus Heidi, but I'm still older. I officially turned 16 with Heidi this morning at 7:03 AM. We were very hyper this morning. I have a feeling this year's presents will be fantastic. Unfortunately, our happiness crumbled when we remembered it was our first day at our new school, Westwood Prepatory for Girls. I like school, but I dread being the new kid. All the stares and whispers, they get to me. Heidi though, she basks in all the attention she is given. The procedure's usually the same; Heidi becomes best friends with the whole school, while I fade as her shadow. We move around a lot because of our parents' jobs, they're archaeologists. I think that this time, we'll stay though. Heidi and I will be living in the dorms the school provides. I hope this day goes well.
             "Amara! Are you ready yet? We have to make a good first impression, being fashionably late is good, but not on the first day of school!" My twin yelled from outside our hotel. .
             "You could at least help me carry all this stuff!" I yelled back as I lugged our luggage out the door. .
             Heidi came back in to help. "Where's the bellman dude when you need him?".
             When we got to Westwood Prep, Headmistress Clark was waiting for us. "Hello ladies. Welcome to Westwood Prepatory for Girls. I know you will enjoy your time here. Come inside, I'll give you a quick tour." She said with a warm smile. "Our grounds keeper will bring in your belongings later.".
             After the tour, the headmistress sent us to 2nd period Chemistry. Thankfully, Heidi and I had all our classes together, I'm going to need her help.

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