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The Works of Anne Bradstreet

            During the colonial era many women where looked as inferior to male superiority. Even if they did things just as well as men it didn't matter, but one woman helped to change that. This woman was Anne Bradstreet. Anne Bradstreet was a unique character who wrote astonishing poems such as The Tenth Muse; and she influenced many Americans, especially women. She inspired women, wrote great works, and had an interesting childhood.
             Many factors influenced why Bradstreet wrote poems and what she wrote about. Although Anne Bradstreet did possess a natural talent for writing, she did have a lot of other help. She has a lot of tutoring and education before she came to America. This allowed her to have the same education as a wealthy boy would have at the time. This helped her handle public pressure a lot better than other women at the time. Who helped her the most though was her dad Thomas Dudley, in return she paid homage by writing many poems about him. However, she wasn't intrigued by poetry until she moved from aristocracy in England to the wilderness of New England. This caused her to appreciate life way more then before and caused her to grow spiritually. Thus, she wrote more about Puritan views and our need for salvation. She also wrote about us needing to carry out God's will. .
             At the beginning of her career Bradstreet didn't seem to write with much emotion. This was because she was trying to be like a male writer at the time. This changed after she gained confidence by having two successful publications including "Upon a Fit of Sickness" which she wrote at the age of nineteen in 1632. She mostly wrote about Puritan views in her early stages of writing but later wrote more about her husband and personal experiences. Strikingly, later on she doesn't fully renounce her religious beliefs but strays from them. She said she made every effort to submit to God's afflictions which were necessary to her.

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