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How anne bradstreet mirrors puritanism

             Anne Bradstreet mirrors the elements of puritanism to allow religious value to be put into.
             For instance her live witch includes her husband and her .
             children are the reasons why she writes in the first place, and her live reflex her work. Before we .
             go into the history of puritanism, and her three works we will begin with.
             Anne Dudley Bradstreet was born in 1612 into a puritan family. She came from England .
             then came to America. One of the most important things in her life was not poetry but religion .
             and the love for God. She gave birth two eight glorious children. She raised them in the .
             wilderness. And then started to revise but some of her works were lost in 1666, due to her .
             burning house. By the age of thirty she had composed most of her poetry. Her father was the earl .
             of London, and because of his well received achievements she was awarded an exemplinary .
             education. - - -.married into a puritan family as well. Her lover was Simon Bradstreet when she .
             was about 16. - - -.did understand her parents and her in-laws religious teachings as parents and .
             in-laws. - - -. Father and husband rose to prominence, and served governor of colony after they .
             went to Salem which later became Massachusetts Bay Colony. The most succeed volume was .
             the "The Tenth Muse" which her brother-in-law published and it was a big hit in London and .
             later came to America. All great writers have inspiration Anne Bradstreet's inspiration came .
             from the famous writers in history; such as Shakespeare. .
             Secondly, Puritanism was in her life. That's what she basisd her poems on as well .
             because of the love of God. And to understand were it came from, The history of puritanism's .
             doctrine's belief was that all humans are sinners and that man cannot understand God. It first .
             started in the church of England, also known as the Anglican church. They strongly dislike the .
             catholic views of the obedience of the great Pope. 597 A.D. the ancient Celtics religious .

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