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Anne Bradstreet

            Authors Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor's passionately religious writings represent typical literature of the seventeenth century period. Genuine religious concerns are found in all the writings of the Puritans; in fact, they mainly write either to privately express religious beliefs or to share it with others. Unlike Anne Bradstreet's poetry, Edward Taylor's poems remained for the most part unpublished during his lifetime. There are many differences and similarities between these two amazing authors. .
             Anne Dudley Bradstreet was America's first poet at a woman. She was born in England and lived a luxury lifestyle as a child. "Her upbringing was influenced by her father's position ;"( Notable Women Ancestors) he was the chief steward of the vast estates of Theophilus Clinton, the Puritan Earl of Lincoln. Her father made it so that she had private tutors and also access to earl's library, where she spent most of her childhood reading about history and literature. Anne Dudley Bradstreet was sixteen years old when she married her husband Simon Bradstreet and about two years later her family sailed to America to settle in the Massachusetts Bay colony.
             Anne Bradstreet's poetry was very private and personal. She mainly wrote her poetry for her family, friends and herself. Anne's poetry differed from Edward Taylor's in many diverse ways. Anne's poetry was published by her brother in law, Rev. John Woodbridge, who had secured a manuscript copy of fifteen poems, and caused them to be printed in England under the title, "The Tenth Muse". "As a Puritan woman of the seventeenth-century, Anne Bradstreet struggled to write poetry in a society that was intimidating" (Notable Women Ancestors). Anne's poems showed complete devotion to her husband especially when her husband would leave for business. She also wrote epitaphs for both her mother and her father on their tombstones, which were both beautiful and very emotional.

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