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Anne bradstreet

             Anne Bradstreet was America's first real poet, but she is not only a poet she is an author. Anne was the kind of poet that who helped you find the good in everything. She writes poems about what is happening in real life. Most of the poems she writes are about God and her family.
             Thomas Dudley and Dorothy Dudley were the proud parents of Anne, who was born in 1612. Her father Thomas was a steward of the estates of the earl of Lincoln. A woman's education was limit back then if they even got any. Although because of her father's position she was an well-educated women. She had unlimited access to the "great library of the manor" were she started reading the writings of some of the greatest authors. Anne was also educated by the best and could always learn from her father.
             Thomas put his own affairs into the hands of Simon Bradstreet. Simon Bradstreet was the son of a "Puritan Lincolnshire minister." Thomas took him in as if he was his own son. He taught him the business and the ways of God. While working with Thomas he met Anne and fell in love with her. When Anne was sixteen years old Simon asked her to marry him, and she said yes. .
             Anne then came down with smallpox and was left with many ugly scars. After she recovered from the smallpox and the two were married. Getting married only made Anne realize that she loved him more then she thought, which led her to write her first poem about him. .
             Anne, Simon, her mother, and father and friends packed up and sailed to Arbella to set up a colony on the coast of Massachusetts Bay. After making it through the hard long trip they finally made it there, and set up their new colony. Her father was then made Deputy-Governor, and Simon was appointed Chief-Administrator. He father later became Governor in 1634 and the first Major General. .
             Anne could not believe what the New World was like, she felt like "God has deserted them." The sickness, lack of food and primitive living conditions in the New World overwhelmed her.

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