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Completely Different but Still Romantics

            Completely Different but still romantics.
             The author of The Birthmark writes with an ominous tones whereas the author of Nature is a transcendentalist and writes with a happier tone. Ralph Waldo Emerson was a Unitarian minister that gave up the ministry and began a lifelong career as a lecturer and writer. Nathaniel Hawthorne was a semi recluse that taught himself to write and about American history. Although these authors are extremely different and have very different styles of writing they both fall under the category of romantics. Hawthorne's fascination with the supernatural, the mysterious, and the gothic in The Birthmark definitely places him under the romantics. And Emerson's profound love of nature and belief that the supernatural exists in the story Nature makes him a sure thing when it comes to talking about the romantics.
             Emerson speaks of the stars being "rays that come from those heavenly worlds"(-Ralph Waldo Emerson, pg. 162) and this is another thing he has in common with Hawthorne, they both believe in the supernatural. In Hawthorne's story a woman dies because she is too perfect, in reality perfection is in the eye of the beholder and cannot be judged by some "nature judge" or any other being of the supernatural. Emerson believed that the greatest delight is only produced by the harmony of man and nature. In The Birthmark his wife dies because he tried to get around natures laws and made his wife perfect, and since he broke the laws of nature he and his wife paid the ultimate prices, death and loss. .
             It is easier to see how different these writers are even though they have many things in common. One author writes gothic stories of the supernatural and the other is a transcendentalist that writes of mans harmony with nature and the rays of light from other worlds. Even their lives are completely different, Emerson was an educated minister that decided to write and lecture, and Hawthorne was a self taught writer that was a semi recluse until his stories were published.

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