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Sustainability and a Better Future

            Sustainability is the key to a better future. Although keeping something sustainable requires great effort, the beneficial of the outcome is worth the hard work. I've learned a lot more about sustainability throughout the process of this course than when I first walked into the class. Things can be sustained physically or mentally. For example, you can make a sustainable community or create a sustainable relationship. The important part is how one manages his or her relationship and how a community is willing to cooperate to form the perfect town. However, the topic we usually discuss in class is environmental sustainability which is to meet the needs of the current generation without having to take away anything from the future generations. .
             By working on the group project and the knowledge I've gained throughout this class, I believe that something small usually take less effort to keep sustained. For example, a small garden similar to my family garden in our back yard is more sustainable than huge agricultural land. This is because we use organic fertilizers and agriculture industrials use chemical fertilizers, which harm the soil. Another example is being shown in our project as well, which compares the difference between two sustainable islands and one unsustainable land mass. The islands that take fewer natural resources from Mother Nature are more sustainable than the huge land mass that take more natural resources. However, it is up the cooperation of the government and the community to make a place sustainable. .
             I've came to understand more about sustainability when I wrote my second essay and when my group discussed about our project. I've realized that even though people living in a small region are cooperating to create a sustainable community, they will be impacted by their neighboring towns that are careless about being sustainable. For instance, many third world countries in Africa are polluted because countries like United States and Netherland are dumping wastes there.

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