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The Real Meaning of Life

            This is for all the people who feel lost and confused about the many unanswerable questions about life itself: Stay positive. I encourage you all to keep searching for the truth. Like the movie says, "Truth is singular. Its "versions" are mistruths." All human ideas about life and death are but a version. We will continue to try to come up with the right version but we might never know. I feel like in order for us to face life and death without fear, we must first accept that we might never know the truth and that anything can be possible. On one end, there could be a heaven where we go when we die and live in forever bliss for eternity. On the other end, there could be nothing at all, no after life, meaning we only have one chance to experience life in this universe, we live and die and the universe moves on. And then there's everything in the middle, from reincarnation to our souls going someplace else. When I personally accepted that any of these could be true, my fear of death and uncertainty disappeared. Because there is only one truth and any possibility motivates me to live a life where I could be happy and smile in my last hour.
             What is the meaning of life? I believe the meaning of life is us, us being able to give life meaning. Ultimately, we choose our meaning in life. It's beautiful to me that we can even give meanings to things. I believe we are the universe becoming aware and conscious of itself. We are able to look at something and ask "Why? How?" We are like the universe as a child, asking questions, having yet to learn the truth. But here is a truth: We are all connected. Everything we do affects another which affects another which affects another. On a larger scale, in a sense, we are all one. We are separate individuals, but we all live on the same planet, in the same solar system, in the same galaxy, in the same universe, in the same cosmos. I personally believe we're all family - humans, animals, and the environment.

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