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How to Survive a Zombie Apocolypse

            It can keep you up at night thinking about the possibility of surviving a zombie apocalypse. What would life be like, and what it would take for survival in a post-apocalyptic world? There is a lot to think about, as far as survival skills and what will be needed. For me, the three most important things for my survival would be to have proper firearm training, close quarter combat ability, along with being able to survive and live in the wilderness. Which is why I am grateful for my hunting and camping background, knowing these will be very important skills when surviving after the apocalypse.
             The first and most important is to have proper firearm training. That in itself can make or break your chances of survival. Knowing which weapon to use is very important. For example, a shotgun is a short range, close quarters weapon (picture 3.1). It also makes a great deal of noise, which can attract the attention of any nearby zombies. If you come across a large group of the undead, a good twelve gage provides a lot of force and power to be able to knock them back, blowing a gaping hole through undead flesh, allowing for a quick escape (picture 1.2 for Ammunition). In the case where a shotgun is not available to you, that is where a powerful handgun comes in handy (picture 1.3). It can allow very quick and precise shots, allowing you to fire at the zombies in a way that best fits your tactical needs, which is typically going to be a nice entry wound right between the eyes (picture 3.2), or through the eye as the case bay be. Last but not least, we come to the need of a rifle. .
             Automatic rifles (picture 1.3), for example, allow you to lay down a large volume of ammunition, which will lay waste and shred apart any undead flesh in the path of the bullets. If you are scouting an area, that is where a single shot or sniper rifle comes in handy (picture 3.1). From a long, safe distance away, you are able to fire very precise and accurate head shots, splattering undead grey matter and skull fragments over the landscape.

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