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The Coping Mechanism of Marijuana

            There has been a rising trend among teenagers and college students in the United States with the use of marijuana. Young adults all across the country have begun to use the illegal drug daily. In 2012 the Partnership at Drugfree.org released a survey revealing that nearly 1 in 10 teens said they smoke marijuana at least 20 or more times a month. This is an 80% increase from the organizations 2008 survey. Many are asking why and how has Marijuana grown to become the most commonly used prohibited drug among US teens. Through the help of some Coastal Carolina College students, some insight can be made to these questions. As well as some counter arguments to why some students do not smoke and how users and non-users feel about the drugs legal status among the United States.
             Growing up in suburban northeast Columbia, South Carolina, I was raised blind to the stinky, sticky, furry, leafy, potent, dry, green or purple plant of marijuana. The side of town I lived on was very refined and exclusive. Many parents like mine, moved to the northeast side of the capital city to mask their children away from the apparent use of drugs and alcohol as well as the violent lifestyles of those who lived in the rural cities and ghettos that surround our downtown area. I never heard of marijuana or "weed" until I entered High school in 2010. Neither of my parents smoked or drank regularly, so I had no intentions of ever getting involved with either of the activities or having friends who did. As I entered into my first few weeks of public high school my eyes were opened to the dangerous, mysterious and secretive world of other teens who lived life completely contrary to me. I was interested in these lifestyles, specifically the illegal use of marijuana.
             I had never seen or smelled the plant before, on TV or in reality, so I did not know what to expect when I Googled marijuana on the internet. Marijuana also scientifically known as Cannabis is a psychoactive drug that is used as a narcotic and a prescribed medicine.

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