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Medical Marijuana, Could We Benefit?

            Medical Marijuana, Could We Benefit?.
             There has been so much controversy over the issue of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in the past couple of years. The majority of the people can't decide whether it would be good or bad for the United States if we were to legalize marijuana. To some, it is a way of coping with a disease or excruciating pain, and to others it is the gateway to everything bad in this world. But I feel that if the United States were to take a closer look at the healing and pain killing powers that marijuana posses, and consider using it for medicinal purposes, the country would greatly benefit.
             According to Dr. D. Piomelli, who is a professor of pharmacology at the University of California, states that, "Marijuana has a lot of pharmaceutical and pharmacological potential" (Rayl). Piomelli continues to add that one of the most remarkable aspects of marijuana so far, is its painkilling power. Since cancer and chronic and neuropathic pain are resistant to morphine as well as similar painkillers, a stronger painkiller is needed. As well, marijuana is usually recommended to cancer patients .
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             undergoing chemotherapy. It stops the nausea or makes it more bearable to those in chemotherapy. Marijuana is also an effective treatment for AIDS patients suffering from wasting syndrome. Wasting syndrome causes them to loose a great percentage of their body fat. Marijuana stimulates the appetite causing them to gain back their weight and feel healthier (Rayl). .
             One of the most remarkable reports that came out a couple of years ago, is the fact that THC, one of the main chemicals in marijuana, may actually be a cure for a type of fatal brain cancer called malignant glioma. And, according to a study done a few years ago, it was discovered that marijuana used illicitly by patients with multiple sclerosis, temporarily reduced spasms. These spasms consist of the involuntary and painful contracting and stiffening of the muscles.

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