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Who Will Speak for the Homeless?

            Today we are living in a world where the gap between the rich and the poor turned into a bottomless gulf, where the phrases such as the Third World countries and the First World countries have become customary as if they named just regular flow of things and where the clinking of money is considered the sweetest music. The indifference to the fate of others as well the acceptability of using the others in order to profit has become a norm for the part of the world that boasts about the highest levels of civilization and unseen technological progress. But are we to continue the unjust order in the world? Are we to remain selfish? Are we to be blind to the imminent effects of existed inequality and injustice? Or do we still have enough common sense to understand the destructive nature of limitless and abusive exploitation and raise our voices against it? Clearly, we cannot allow the distortion of our souls and degradation of human moral values. Thus we need to restructure the world where social justice or peace would not be just empty words. .
             The article "Who Will Speak for the Voiceless" by Gary Kline leaves a reader in an alarmed condition. The author gives statistics of the poor and homeless whose lives are the lives of struggle for a bite of bread. A staggering number of people die every day from starvation or malnutrition. The world's indifference takes a form of a crime as about "20,000 people, mostly children and women, die every day from malnutrition and hunger-related illnesses alone" (Kline, 12). Nothing can justify indifference or noninvolvement of the rest of the world, the world that has enough food and enough money to indulge even strangest whims in the fate of the world that is devoid of even the most basic for sustenance. .
             Furthermore, the author argues that not only these people live in extreme destitution, but also they are live in those conditions because they are victims of oppression, repression, and exploitation.

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