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Video Game Summary - Grand Theft Auto

            Grand Theft Auto v ft Auto (GTA) IV released on April 29, 2008 by the company Rockstar. rockstar has distinguished itself yet again from its rivals like Blizzard entertainment and other known companies, with Grand Therepects with the underworld. the game skyrockets with action involving blowing up cops' cars, run over innocent civilians, relaxing at clubs, to assist drug dealers and lowlifes. The game thrills me and lets me show my rough side. The character and the storyline of Grand Theft Auto IV builds on the character Niko Bellic. A European immigrant who heads to Liberty City to stay with his cousin Roman. Arriving at Liberty City, Niko finds that the opportunity status isn't all that great. living his "American Dream", females, luxury cars and a lifestyle of high rollers;isn't even closes as he imagined. So to make a living he joins his cousin Roman who runs a taxi business. I believe that's a unique and important part of the Grand Theft Auto IV IV, this is where he starts building his career and Overall the story is filled with characters you'll be fond of and or hate, but in the end the adventure with Niko is highly entertaining.
             The setting and vibrant colors used by Rockstar is astounding. The enthusiastic minds at Rockstar (which intrigue me) have forever adored city of New York. So they Replenishing the historical city to give the gaming community Liberty City. Clarification of famous New York landmarks are done by using rich detailed and stylish coloring, giving the game a realistic look. The visual of the city (it seems to me) is dictated by the light and weather patterns, which get irritating some points, like at carck of dawn it gets hard to see some parts of screen. The Multiplayer portion is on a whole other level compared its rival like Saints Row and Crackdown. Unlike its rivals, Grand Theft Auto IV lets the player access the multiplayer portion at any time without having to unlock it at a higher level.

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