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Why Are Violent Video Games so Popular

            Violent video games are popular because they allow u to act out events that you would not do in reality. In reality if you killed someone or committed a crime there would be consequences to follow. If u committed murder or a crime you would face prison time or possibly death. Emotionally, you would be affected by the guilt of the crime of the murder. You would also have to live with the fact that you murdered someone. The way you are treated will change as well. The crimes you commit will be on your records and you will have to live with those actions for the rest of your life. If you killed someone or committed a crime in a video game, realistically there are no consequences that you would face. You may be effected on the game it self, but you won't suffer any consequences in the real world. I played a game called "Grand Theft Auto Vice City", and the violence and this game is realistic. In the game you are allowed to kill people and steal things. There are police who will chase you around and try to arrest you. In the end, when I am done playing the game, none of the stuff that I did while playing the game will carry over to my real life. Games such as "Grand Theft Auto Vice City" allow people to free there mines and do things that they might or might not want to do.

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