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Fake It Until You Make It

            "Fake it until you make it," that was originally the topic of my research paper. The power behind faking something and eventually having that become your new norm! I know first hand that this idea works and that you can literally train your brain into thinking and acting in a completely new, learned way. I am where I am today because I have became very skilled at "faking it" and although I am thankful to my brain for working with me and doing what I desperately wanted and needed it to do, my paper is not about the amazing power behind "faking it." Instead, I changed my topic to be about my brain's coping abilities and how I have handled child abuse and the effects I have noticed later in life. .
             I started to research the whole concept behind "faking" the way you act and or feel and eventually over time you'll come to realize that you no longer are "faking" and instead you became it. I had composed my power point and included the strengths behind power-posing, Amy Cuddy's captivating TED speech, how to fake confidence, and all the tips to turn you into a confident, driven, passionate leader that excels in life. However, I could not seem to make any sense or have any sort of conclusion when trying to construct my outline. Instead I had a cluster of craziness and a rising anxiety level. The realization finally hit me that there was just no way for me to go in front of the class and try to fake my way through a compelling power point about confidence and being the alpha dominant successful woman because no amount of power-posing could result in that being portrayed as believable. .
             Instead, I found that when conducting my research about having a good attitude and being about to fake confidence and how to change your life for the better, everything kept leading back to the human brain. When thinking about myself and more specifically my own brain, it scares me.

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