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             Do you believe in them or is it just another fairy tale like the Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny? It may startle you to find out that there are thousands of sightings of Bigfoots in the world, and many of them are from very reliable people.
             The first was from River Valley, British Columbia, where a train came across an ape like creature at the side of the tracks. The train stopped and captured the creature and named it Jacko. Jacko escaped a later night, but is considered the only captured Bigfoot and the first reliable sighting of one. However, to the skeptics he was just an orangutan.
             There is also the Roger Patterson sighting. Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin were in northern Canada on October 20th, 1967, when they caught a female Bigfoot on tape. Zoologists studied the tape many times and determined that it wasn't a fake.
             And of course, there is the Albert Ostman sighting. While camping in British Columbia in 1924, he was kidnapped by a Bigfoot and held captive by its family for six days until he gave the father a box of snuff. The Bigfoot got sick, giving Ostman time to escape.
             You may ask what a Bigfoot is, but there are only speculations and guesses. Some officials say that they"re half man half ape, some say they"re the "missing link," and some say they"re something that crossed the land bridge many years ago. Some say that they"re related to Gigantopithacus, a prehistoric race of man, and some even say they"re aliens. .
             Bigfoots are covered in black, brown, red, or gray hair except for their hands, faces, and feet. They are about seven feet tall, have chisel-like fingernails, sloping foreheads, and an arm span of nine feet. They eat animals, roots, and berries. They are very strong and very stinky, but their most distinguishing characteristic is their footsteps. They have fourteen to twenty inch and two inch deep footprints, and a walking stride of about 5 feet. If Bigfoots were fictional, than the footprints would have to be fake too.

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