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The Mystery of Loch Ness: What Lies Inside

             Do you beleive in ghosts, vampires, aliens or that there is a bigfoot? Some people beleive in these, some people don't. People try and try to get evidence for these things. Some people claim to have taken pictures of aliens and UFO's and such things, some people beleive that these pictures are hoaxes, others beleive that they are true. Deep in the waters of Loch Ness lives a dinosaurlike creature. Or does there?.
             There has been a debate for centuries about whether or not a huge creature named the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie for short) actually lives in a large lake in Scotland called Loch Ness. People say it has fins and long neck. The monster is one of Scotlands biggest tourist attractions. Loch Morar, in the West of Scotland, is also said to contain a monster, but that's another story.
             Hundreds of people claim to have seen Nessie. Some have even claimed to have taken pictures of it. People have claimed to have seen the monster since the midevil times. The first recorded sighting was in 565 AD when St. Columba who was crossing the loch with his .
             followers. .
             There has also been recent sightings of Nessie. There was at least two sightings in 1933, one by Mr. and Mrs. John Mackay who were motoring along the loch-side road and saw Nessie .
             in the middle of the loch, another by a local who was walking near Foyers and saw Nessie. .
             In 1960, author Tim Dinsdale filmed Nessie with his 16 mm cine camera. Sceptics suggested .
             that the monster looked like a small motor boat but they were proved wrong. Sonar used in the .
             loch has detected large moving masses in the water.
             There is also evidence against the existance of the Loch Ness Monster. In 1976 some people were throwing bacon in the loch from a hot air balloon but Nessie didn't show up for them. Then, in 1982, a big search was made this year for Nessie. "The loch was covered from side to side with a line of boats using sonar, but Nessie managed to evade them" (Carus 2).

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