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Movie Overview - The Soloist

            In the movie "The Soloist", directed by Joe Wright, it is based on a true story of ┬áNathaniel Ayers, a homeless Schizophrenic musician, and Steve Lopez, a Los Angeles Times columnist determined to write Nathaniel's story. The two became the most unlikely of friends and end up helping each other in ways they never would have guessed. In the movie, a few health issues stood out like some drug addiction, Steve's injury after falling off his bike, and the most focused point in the movie, Nathaniel mental illness Schizophrenia.
             Drug addiction is a very common sort of health issue that occurs in the United States. Hundreds and thousands of people get lost in the feeling of it and never really understand the cost of taking it. Meth for example is one that is very addictive and can ruin a person's life. The sacrifices made for this drug far outweigh the benefits. Of course it creates heightened awareness, gives a great weightless/mellow feeling, and an increase in strength but that only lasts for a short amount of time. That is not to mention the permanent negative effects it has on a persons body like scaring a person's skin and making their teeth and hair fall out. If someone takes to much they begin to act crazy and can't sleep for days and on occasion it can even cause death just like the over doses shown in the movie. All it takes is one time to get a person addicted for life and ruin them forever. Fortunately for them though there are special clinics and drug addiction support groups that can help them if they are willing. .
             When they showed Steve crashing onto the sidewalk it reminded me of accidents that occur every day, anywhere, and at any time. The fact that he took such a hard blow to the head could have given him a concussion, made him slip into a comma, broken his neck or even bruised his brain internally causing amnesia or any other type of neurological dysfunction.

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