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Are Psychopaths Born or Made?

            Psychopaths are interesting people, they show a side of themselves that many people define as insane or dangerous but to these people it's only something they treasure having. Many scientists have found out what makes a psychopath, from mental illnesses to antisocial behavior these are some reasons and facts on psychopaths.
             Psychopaths can be created from one accident; a traumatic head injury can cause one machine in the brain to just change in a matter of minutes. This can damage the prefrontal cortex which rests at the front of the brain just in front of our skull. This part of the brain has everything to do with, personality, decision making, and controlling social behavior. If this part is damaged it can result in changes of all of these things which can be inappropriate at times. If one is damaged people can notice a change in personality which means they slowly start to turn into someone who is totally different from the person they were once before. This can also destroy the controlling of social behavior which means anything inappropriate will be said out loud without the person thinking twice about it, then they start to not care about what they say even if it in indeed offensive and/or inappropriate to the situation. This part of the brain can also determine if certain things are bad or good, which can affect psychopathy a lot especially when it is damaged. They can see bad things become good or releasing for them and the good things can become bad and they despise being near it or trying to do it. These head injuries can cause one person to start thinking the wrong things that will not only affect them, but everyone.
             When people portray psychopaths in movies they always have a very interesting back story. Anyone can become a psychopath; it can be a very rich, charming man who has everything he needs, it can be a 15 year old who is rich, charming, and secretive, it can be a man who wants nothing but to see one person fall to pieces and take over the city only to torture those who live in it.

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