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Independence Movement in India and Kenya

            During the 1850's, many European countries started to make colonies in other lands and continents. Among them was Britain, which held most of its colonies in Asia and Africa. The British rule over the colonized lands was harsh and violent, hence a revolt was inevitable. Colonies which got their independence using two different types of protests were India and Kenya. The Indian population in India was immensely bullied, for disobedience, by the British. They¬†used inhuman torture techniques to extract confessions and used farce trials to quickly execute those opposing their rule.i Some took Indian slaves just to scold and beat them to death. Even the Sepoys, which were Indian soldier hired by the British, were executed. In addition to this, the Sepoy rebellion occurred. The Sepoys rebelled against the British and the outcome of this, First Independence War, was making new laws which promised equal treatment among the chiefs, princes and peoples of India. Also, the lower Indian castes were being employed. After that, the Indians organized and formed the Indian National Congress. The Congress' main goal was to acquire more rights in favor of the Indian population. As this Congress gain reputation among the population, it got a new goal which was achieving self rule from the British. The person who initiated this idea was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The first thing that Gandhi did was known as the Salt March. There they walked 400 km to the Arabian Sea, where they started making salt from the sea water. It was forbidden to make Indian products without paying a tax. Thus, the civil disobedience movement began. The peak of this movement came during World War II. In this period the British demanded that the Indians fight for them. In addition to this demand, the Quit India movement held by Gandhi took place. That movement stated that India wants complete independence after the war. The British became aware that they are in an economical decay and that after the war is over India will continue with its revolts.

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