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The Englishes in Mother Tongue

            In "Mother Tongue," Amy Tan talks about the different "Englishes" she speaks to communicate with different people. Language, culture, and education shapes us into who we are. The more you study the more you learn. It gives us a different perspective to life. In my experience, I can relate to Amy Tan we speak various types of English. At home, at work, and even with friends. The list can go on. For some of us we may be bilingual and that can also be a different way you communicate with others. .
             Although I may be able to speak both English and Spanish, I cannot write in Spanish very well. I have translated for my parents plenty of times. Tan mentions in her essay how she was ashamed of her mother's English. (136). Growing up I remember speaking to my parents in English a lot more than Spanish. I would say it in English then repeat it in Spanish. I believe that was one of the ways my parents started learning the English language. It may be considered "broken english" to some, but it doesn't make them less of a person. .
             In my personal opinion I think Tan should have been proud of her mom for speaking English even if it was considered "broken." To me, I love that even if my parents may not always know how to say something correctly it doesn't stop them from trying to do things on their own. They learn more everyday not only through me but at work as well. I'm not ashamed of it. In fact they make me very proud. It's not easy learning a new language. .
             One of my least favorite type of "Englishes" I speak is when I'm around my family. I'm referring to when I'm home with my parents. It can be hard and uncomfortable when talking about my personal stuff with them. When Tan says, "I again found myself conscious of the English I was using, and the English I do use with her." (135). She was referring to her mother. That's the way I feel when I'm around my parents.

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