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The Dangers of Obesity

            , "Obesity contributes to over 300,000 deaths per year, principally through its association with cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and several cancers." In Wadden's testimony, it is also stated that obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death, right behind smoking cigarettes. Although living unhealthy is easier, cheaper and more laid back, if not addressed, obesity is on track to surpass cigarettes in the leading cause of preventable deaths. .
             Americans of the 21st century are very busy. Between their full time jobs, attending school or college and any other extracurricular activities, they are always looking for short cuts and quick-fix methods. Research indicates that the amount of fast food in your diet has a large impact on your overall health. There is a strong link of how often Americans consume fast food and obesity. Since fast food is so easy and convenient, many Americans consume these fried, fattening and salty foods on a daily basis rather than committing time and effort into preparing healthy meals. Not only are these foods terrible for you, but many of the biggest names in fast food have increased their portion sizes. The larger portion sizes encourage people to eat more and the excess calories make it even harder to balance with physical activity. Something must be done to restrict larger portion sizes. The government needs to be more on top of this issue. Strict standards need to be set for portion sizes with more disciplinary actions towards restaurants who do not follow the rules. America needs to put their foot down and stop these money hungry fast food chains. They are manipulating Americans into veracious eating machines. .
             Today in the United States, too many Americans are leading unhealthy lifestyles. With the current status of our economy, everyone is a bit tighter on money. Americans are looking for places to cut down on spending and unfortunately, food is one of the first things to be looked at.

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