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The Realm of African-American Literature

            In school, students are obligated to take classes outside their major. Students are not graduating on time because of those classes. Is it right for students to take classes they do not need for their major in other to graduate? Students are having a difficult time finishing school because of those classes.
             "Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught "Oscar Wilde. I agree with Wilde. It is great to have a formal education, however we learn the most by being out in the world, not by someone is teaching us. We often learn things our own. In college, why is it every time we want a major or a minor, then fine out that the colleges we are going to require us to take courses like chemistry? If you want to major in English and concentrate on creative writing or journalism, what relevance a course likes chemistry? I understand taking classes outside our major is an important step if you are undecided or if you are not entirely sure about the one you did choose. One extra class a semester will not hurt you much and if you can schedule it in, it is a great use of time. One simple fact is that many students are going to school unsure what to major in. After two or three semester of taking classes, we often decide to change our major and we are left with nothing to show for the previous classes we took. For instance my classmate Kevin this semester is the third time he changed his major. He kept changing major because he still unsure of what major he really need to focus in. he spent three year with three different major. Whatever major he will decide to stay in will take him more time before he graduates. Most major require very different classes and changing our major will delay your date of graduation significantly. If we are required to take more classes outside our major, it will take us more time to graduate.

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