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A Trip to the Emergency Room

            Every day, people suffer from disease. As long as there is medicines to cure diseases, those patients still have chances to be saved. Patients are saved in hospitals where doctors, nurses and researchers work hard to bring them back to life. When I was a patient in a hospital, I observed a lot of activities there. The experience linked me to my future career-nurse anesthesia. The first time I went to a hospital in an emergency state was a year ago. My health was in a dangerous situation. I could not breathe comfortably and I had to use oxygen to help me breathe. I could not feel anything around me, yet my eyes did open a little. I could see the light on hospital's ceiling, and then I drifted in sleep. When I woke up, I realized that I was lying on a rigid bed with a suffocating smell of sterilization gas. At first, I heard someone crying outside my room, and I guessed that someone was really in pain. As I walked around the hospital, I saw people coming in and out. I went to the registration office to ask where I was at and learned I was aware that I was at emergency ward. .
             As long as I exited, I saw nurses and doctors actively walking. They looked beautiful in their white uniforms. The ward was overcrowded. While I was walking around my ward, I saw all of workers running quickly to the big iron gate and pulled the bed with a male body. His body was bloody with a lot of injuries. Along with nurses, I saw family members were running after the man with too much tears in their eyes. After the man was taken to the emergency room, the nurses calmed his family members down and told them to wait outside. When I saw that sight, I thought if I were a nurse in emergency ward, I would not be sure that I could do quickly as the nurses with homophobia. All of a sudden, I heard a loud crying from another emergency room. I passed through that room; there was a patient with whole body covered with white cloth in front of me.

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